People's Community Garden

The People’s Community Garden is an outdoor community resource, where people of all ages, and from all walks of life, get together to develop and maintain an inspiring green space.

It is a place where everyone can find their niche and work at their own pace, as part of a friendly and dedicated team. It is also a place where people can make friends and learn skills, as well as contribute their own ideas, to make the garden truly a people’s garden.

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ActivHives Apiary and Bee Garden

This project is taking shape at the other end of Maidenhall Allotments. This is a project to help keep bees buzzing and train up a new generation of bee-keepers.

We run beginner bee-keeping courses for people who would like to join our Bee Team of community bee-keepers. To get your hand in, you can watch the hives being manipulated (Monday afternoons 1.30pm-3.30pm) from the safety of the bee hide. Once you are confident, you can borrow a suit and help the bee-keepers by holding equipment and taking records from the hives.

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Chantry Walled Garden

Chantry Walled Garden is being developed by young people with complex barriers to learning and community volunteers.

Here we are developing a plant nursery in the extensive greenhouses, and stocking our borders with heritage plants, in keeping with this historic site. We need help plenty of help and ideas to build up this project.

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