‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. Who is the Toytown garage-owner in Enid Blyton’s Noddy stories?
    Mr Sparks
  2. In the film ‘Interview With The Vampire’, who played the vampire being interviewed?
    Brad Pitt
  3. What or who was St Patrick believe to have expelled from Ireland?
  4. If you were in the city of Winnipeg, which of Canada’s provinces would you be in?
  5. If you suffered from Androphobia, what would you be afraid of?
  6. In Cricket, what does it mean if the umpire raises his forefinger to the batsman?
    He is calling him out
  7. What task were corgi dogs specially bred for?
    Herding sheep
  8. What big advance was made in television in the UK in 1967?
    The first ever colour TV broadcast
  9. What song was used by the Labour Party as its General Election campaign song in 1997?
    ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ by D:Ream
  10. What is the connection between the sitcom ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ and Tony Blair?
    Tony Blair’s father-in-law was a series regular
  11. How did the commander Jim Lovell communicate that Apollo 13 had mechanical difficulties?
    “Houston, we have a problem”
  12. What Blue Peter regular was found to have been a different sex than originally thought?
    Fred the Tortoise
  13. On a standard computer keyboard, which vowel does NOT appear on the top line of letters? (no cheating!)
  14. In polo, what is a chukka?
    One of the periods when play goes on
  15. What US State is represented by the initials ‘Ia’? (ia)
  16. A star of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ featured in a popular British TV ad; for what?
    Gold Blend Coffee (Lovers’ series)
  17. What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her right hand?
    A torch
  18. What currency would you need in Vietnam?
  19. Mandela got out of jail, Iraq invaded Kuwait and Germany was reunified. What year did this all happen?
  20. Which butcher’s son rose to power in Tudor England and built Hampton Court as his home?
    Thomas Wolsey
  21. What colour do Sikh brides wear on their wedding day?
  22. Who usually occupies the nave in a church?
    The congregation
  23. In photography, what does an ISO rating classify?
    Photographic film speed
  24. What priceless find was discovered buried at Sutton Hoo under a large mound of dirt?
    An Anglo-Saxon ship burial