‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. Who runs the Kwik-E-Mart in The Simpsons?
  2. On what film set did Lauren Bacall first meet Humphrey Bogart?
    To Have And Have Not
  3. Who founded Volkswagen in 1937?
    German Labour Front – also known as Germany’s Nazi Government
  4. What do the mistral, the sirocco and the monosoon have in common?
    They are winds
  5. What is the RoSPA?
    Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
  6. Who was Jackie Paper’s childhood playmate?
    Puff the Magic Dragon
  7. What school was Billy Bunter a pupil of?
  8. In women’s gymnastics, the four events are floor, beam, assymmetric bars, and what else?
    Vaulting horse
  9. What day does Mardi Gras come before?
    Ash Wednesday
  10. Which of the Spice Girls first became a mum?
    Mel B
  11. Who wrote the book that the movie ‘The Godfather’ was based on?
    Mario Puzo
  12. How many Formula One championships did Jackie Stewart win?
  13. What county cricket club’s badge features a Tudor Rose?
  14. In the song ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’, how did the devil compete to win souls?
    With fiddle contests
  15. What would a Scot do with an ashet?
    It’s a large plate – so they’d put food on it!
  16. What Canadian maritime province was the home of Anne of Green Gables?
    Prince Edward Island
  17. What British commander was responsible for the long attrition on the Western Front of WW1?
    Douglas Haig
  18. What girl group did Louis Nurding first come to fame with?
  19. What element is there more of than any other in the Earth’s crust?
  20. Whose Ford Gran Torino was called ‘The Striped Tomato’?
    Starsky & Hutch
  21. What is the smallest country in the world?
    Vatican State
  22. For how long did Victoria reign over us?
    63 years
  23. Who played Rosemary in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’?
    Mia Farrow
  24. What well-known socialist couple founded the LSE?
    Sidney & Beatrice Webb