‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. How many of the Walker Brothers trio were actually related?
    None of them
  2. In Dad’s Army, what was Private Fraser’s catchphrase?
    ‘Doomed, I say…we’re all doomed!’
  3. Who was Sirhan Sirhan’s famous victim in the 1960s?
    Bobby Kennedy
  4. What school of witchcraft and wizardry does Harry Potter attend?
  5. What animal name is given to Sirius, the brightest star?
    The Dog Star
  6. What is unique about the mythical bird, the phoenix?
    It is reborn in fire
  7. What country first gave women the vote?
    New Zealand
  8. How many points does a player score for a goal in hurling?
  9. Which of the Twelve Apostles was replaced by Matthias?
    Judas Iscariot
  10. How did dinosaurs gestate their young?
    In eggs
  11. What do Aiguebelle, Centerbe and Ettaler have in common?
    They are herbal liqueurs
  12. Which movie do the main characters in When Harry Met Sally lie in bed watching?
  13. What do Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have in common?
    They’re both singers, and both performed with the Mickey Mouse Club
  14. If someone is an octogenarian, what decade of their life are they in?
  15. What writer was forced by his government to decline his Nobel Prize for literature?
    Boris Pasternak
  16. What solo singing star began his career with the Spencer Davis Group and Traffic?
    Steve Winwood
  17. What natural feature occupies a quarter of Africa?
    The Sahara Desert
  18. Which of the following did not rule the Holy Roman Empire?
    Charles the Wise
  19. In what sport did Bill Beaumont captain England?
    Rugby Union
  20. In the kitsch 70s series Charlie’s Angels, what was unusual about Charlie?
    He was never on screen
  21. Who dreamed up the original Utopia?
    Thomas More
  22. In Back To The Future, what speed must the car go to travel through time?
    88 mph
  23. What country are the Ozarks in?
  24. Moriarty was one of the great villains of literature. Who was his famous adversary?
    Sherlock Holmes