‘Back of the Net!’ Answers

1. In which year did Maradone score a goal with his hand?

      1. What was the Olympic City of 1992?
      1. How many players does an Ice Hockey team have on the ice at any one time?
      1. Which popular fitness method was invented by the Germans?
      1. Which two sports are played on a green table?
        Snooker & table tennis
      1. Which horse won the 2019 Grand National to become the first horse since Red Rum to win the race back to back?
        Tiger Roll
      1. Which tennis player won the 1976 Ladies French Open?
        Sue Barker
      1. In which British City did Gary Sobers hit six sixes in an over in 1968?
      1. Name the world famous natural ice skeleton toboggan run in St Moritz, Switzerland.
        Cresta Run
      1. In feet how high is a Basket Ball Hoop?

      11. Name the European Club David Beckham ended his career with.

      Paris Saint Germain

      12. In which British City was the 2019 Netball World Cup held, and who won?

      It was held in Liverpool and New Zealand won.

      13. St Leo is the middle name of which world famous sportsman?

      Usain Bolt

      14. Which English football team won the first ever Football League and they still exist?

      Preston North End

      15. Which football team play their home games at the New York Stadium?


      ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ Answers

      1. Which Shakespeare play inspired West Side Story?

      Romeo & Juliet
          1. What was the name of the young boy who asked for more gruel at the workhouse?
          1. ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘Cell Block Tango’ are songs from which musical?
          1. Which 1939 film was the musical ‘Wicked’ inspired by?
            The Wizard of Oz
          1. Which musical follows charatcers Jean Valjean, Marius, Eponine & Cosette?
            Les Miserables
          1. What is the name of the jukebox musical featuring songs by Queen?
            We Will Rock You
          1. Which modern musical was based on a 1988 Roald Dahl book of the same name?
          1. Which musical follows two fraternal twins who were separated at birth?
            Blood Brothers
          1. Which musical based on a classic Disney film features life-sized animal puppets?
            The Lion King
          1. Which musical character wore an amazing technicolour dreamcoat?

          BONUS. Which colours made up the technicolour dreamcoat?

          Red, yellow, green, brown, scarlet, black, ocher, peach, ruby, olive, violet, fawn, lilac, gold, chocolate, mauve, cream, crimson, silver, rose, azure, lemon, russet, grey, purple, white, pink, orange, blue