Why not pop on down to our Chantry Park Walled Garden Nursery to browse our fabulous range of plants and get your garden looking amazing this Summer!

You can also order your plants online so why not take the time to browse our online catalogue for our bigger and better range of plants https://activlives.org.uk/activgardens/online/

  • Our beautiful bedding is ready to be planted out – as part of our selection, we have red, white and blue for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. So come and choose and get your troughs and planters ready!
  • We can take orders for hanging baskets and planters too.
  • We have a new range of perennials – including grasses.
  • We now offer climbers and shrubs.

Come and visit us and enjoy our beautiful walled garden – you can combine it with a walk around 124 acres of historic Chantry Park and tea at ‘Sweet Williams’ café – at the Bowls Pavilion.

If you can’t visit us in our limited opening hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 till 2), please email or phone your order through to Ian Hirst – ian@activlives.org.uk Mobile – 07599 951060. We would appreciate it if you could phone on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but you can download our order form and email any time and we’ll be back in touch. You can pick up from the nursery at a convenient time, or we can arrange delivery.

Every penny you spend with us goes to supporting people who need our help in Suffolk.

A photo from the Chantry walled Garden. Rows of red and white flowers sit in their trays, the flowers are inside a greenhouse.
An external photo of the Chantry Walled Garden, rows of flowers can be seen on the ground and in the distance the greenhouse can be seen.
An image from the chantry walled garden, the image os of a flower bed, there are pink and purple flowers in the flower bed.
An image of the external area at chantry walled garden. Theer aer some green plants in the foreground, in the middle distance are the rows of plants for sale, in the distance the wall of the walled garden can be seen.
An image of some flowers, at the top of hte image are some pink flowers and then towards the bottom of the image are some white flowers with purple leaves
A close up image of a flower, it is a pink flower surrounded by green leaves.