quiz answers week 25

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1.  When is St Patrick’s Day celebrated?
    March 17th

  2.  What is a village without a church called?

  3.  Which male singing voice is between tenor and bass?

  4.  In German mythology what is the name of the siren who lived on a rock and lured boatmen to their deaths?

  5.  In what year were dog licences abolished in England?

  6.  What type of leaves does a silkworm feed on?

  7.  Which UK newspaper had the first colour supplement?
    Sunday Times (4th Feb 1962)

  8.  What type of creature is a mouthbrooder?

  9.  What colour is the Mr Men Character Mr Worry?

  10.  Which group had three consecutive UK Christmas number ones in 1996, 97 and 98?
    Spice Girls

  11.  In which sport do Great Britain and the USA compete for the Westchester Cup?

  12.  In which war was the Battle of Bosworth Field?
    War of the Roses

  13.  Who wrote the opera Cosi fan Tutte?

  14.  Who is generally credited with having invented the telephone?
    Alexander Graham Bell

  15.  What is the US state capital of Arizona?

  16.  In which century was the first recorded Viking raid on England?
    8th Century

  17.  Olfactory relates to which of the senses?

  18.  Rome is on which river?

  19.  What was the name of the bottled water launched by Coca-Cola and then withdrawn?

  20.  Which side of a coin is obverse, heads or tails?

quiz answers week 24

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. Who wrote the novel, Treasure Island?

    Robert Louis Stevenson


  2.  In which country was ex-England cricket captain Tony Greig born?

    South Africa


  3.  What was Tom Jones’ first UK number one single?

    It’s Not Unusual


  4.  Which South American country lost its coastline to Chile in 1879?



  5.  What flavour is the liqueur cassis?



  6.  What product was the first to appear in a UK TV commercial (in 1955)?



  7.  Which artist is famous for painting a portrait of his mother?

    James Whistler (the painting is known as ‘Whistler’s Mother’, referred to by many as ‘Portrait of the artist’s mother’, and its full correct title is ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’s Mother’)


  8.  Which singer was known as the ‘Forces’ Sweetheart’?

    Vera Lynn


  9.  What does a lepidopterist collect?

    Butterflies and Moths


  10.  What was Genevieve in the 1953 film of the same name?

    A classic car (a French ‘Darracq’ built in Paris in 1904)


  11.  In which UK cathedral is the Whispering Gallery?

    St Pauls


  12.  What are Blue Mountain, Caturra, and Mocca types of?



  13.  What was the name of the family in TV’s Upstairs Downstairs?



  14.  What is the monkey species on the Rock of Gibraltar commonly called?

    Barbary Ape(or properly, the Barbary Macaque, it’s a monkey not a true ape)


  15.  In the human body what is the Trachea?



  16.  What does an acrophobe fear?



  17.  Entomology is the study of which creatures?



  18.  What is the pole called which is used for propelling a barge or punt?

    A quant


  19.  In which UK county is Hever Castle?



  20.  What colours are the flowers of the flax plant?

Quiz answers week 23

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1.  What happened to Nelson’s body after he died?
    He was pickled in brandy and shipped home
  2. Green and orange are two of the secondary colours. What is the third?
  3. How was the Sword of Damocles suspended?
    By a single hair
  4. What is the adult leader of a Brownie pack called?
    Brown Owl
  5. What was the name of Mickey Mouse’s dog?
  6. Who won the Women’s Football World Cup in 2003?
  7. What US president was elected to office four times?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. Complete the question: ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his…’
  9. What cathedral has the tallest spire in England?
  10. In The Wind in the Willows, what reckless driver was imprisoned?
  11. Where is the CNN organisation based?
  12. Who was thought to have washed his hands of Christ’s final fate?
    Pontius Pilate
  13. What modern British political party was founded by a man who also founded his own church?
    Democratic Unionist Party
  14. Who were the couple featured in the Kinks’ 1967 hit Waterloo Sunset?
    Terry & Julie
  15. Whose nemesis is Elmer Fudd?
    Bugs Bunny
  16. What name is given to a narrow strip of land that bridges two larger land areas?
  17. Who was called Britain’s once and future king?
  18. What company made the world’s first PC?
    MITS made the first PC in 1974, but it didn’t have a screen, and could only do simple calculations. Apple made the first mass-produced personal computer with a monitor with the Apple II in 1977.
  19. ‘Working with her was like being hit over the head with a Valentine’s card’. Who was being described?
    Julie Andrews
  20. What Olympic sport prohibits the wearing of a beard?
  21. What do ‘the wheels on the bus’ do?
    Go round and round
  22. True of false – one of Snow White’s dwarves was called ‘Cheerful’?
  23. What is Hamas?
    An anti-Israeli terror group
  24. What is the capital of the Italian region of Lazio?

Quiz answers week 22

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. If you had a hogshead of wine, how much wine would you have?
    63 gallons
  2. What 60s cult TV show was devised and introduced by Rod Serling?
    The Twilight Zone
  3. What was Huey Lewis and the News theme song for the film classic ‘Back to the Future’?
    The Power Of Love
  4. If it rains on St Swithin’s Day, how many days’ rain does the old rhyme say will follow?
  5. What name is given to the five lines that music is written on?
  6. Whose stated intention was it to blow the Scots back to Scotland?
    The Gunpowder plotters
  7. Competitive swimming has four events: breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly…and what?
  8. Who was the last Prime Minister of Northern Ireland?
    Brian Faulkner
  9. What year did food rationing end in Britain?
  10. Who is the first character Dorothy meets on the road to Oz?
    The Scarecrow
  11. The fictional 17th-century Spanish romantic Don Quixote became the star of what musical?
    Man Of La Mancha
  12. What, according to Christ, was the greatest of the three main virtues?
  13. What organisation did Captain Scarlett work for?
  14. What Italian guerrilla fighter had a biscuit named after him?
  15. Which of the following countries has never had an Irish-born president or prime minister?
    New Zealand, Israel, USA
  16. What drug was initially derived from willow-tree bark?
  17. What is carpology the study of?
    Fruit and seeds
  18. What US state are the Catskill Mountains in?
    New York
  19. Which of the following TV series has never become a motion picture?
    Dad’s Army, On The Buses, Are You Being Served?
  20. What was Marillion’s biggest UK hit?
  21. What Irish actor has been Oscar-nominated seven times but has never won?
    Peter O’Toole
  22. Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?
    St Augustine
  23. What county cricket club’s colours are dark green & scarlet?
  24. What platform at King’s Cross Station does the Hogwarts Express leave from?
    9 3/4

Quiz answers week 21

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. What new gymnastics event made its first appearance at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney?
  2. What was the name of the song that gave the Bloodhound Gang a UK hit in summer 2000?
    ‘The Bad Touch’
  3. What was the Bounty’s work in the South Seas before the mutiny?
    Collecting breadfruit
  4. What is the average life expectancy of a tortoise?
    80-150 years
  5. What type of headdress was traditionally worn by triumphant Roman generals?
    A wreath of laurel leaves
  6. Who played the title role in the classic BBC drama, ‘I Claudius’?
    Derek Jacobi
  7. According to the Book of Genesis, who first bought Joseph as a slave in Egypt?
  8. Which of these Dubliners did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
    Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, George Shaw
  9. Where might you find a shovel hat?
    Sitting on a clergyman’s head
  10. What was the name of Bing Crosby’s boat in High Society?
    ‘The True Love’
  11. In theatrical terms, what were ‘groundlings’?
    Those standing in the cheap section of the theatre
  12. Which of Britain’s intelligence services is known as the Secret Intelligence Service?
  13. What foreign hit in the British chart had the line, ‘I’m not a sailor, I’m the captain’?
    La Bamba
  14. What TV show gave Danny de Vito his big break?
  15. What film saw Jeremy Brett serenade Audrey Hepburn outside her house?
    My Fair Lady
  16. What is Charles Goodyear credited with inventing in 1839?
    Vulcanised rubber
  17. Where is the Giant’s Causeway?
    North coast of Ireland
  18. Who was the first person the South Pole?
    Roald Amundsen
  19. What African country did Ian Smith once rule?
  20. Cocaine was one an ingredient of what popular drink?
  21. What media mogul’s personal plane, the Spruce Goose, had the largest wingspan in the world?
    Howard Hughes
  22. According to George Bernard Shaw’s play, what was John Bull’s Other Island?
  23. What is dried in an oast?
  24. In what sport is the Thomas Cup a prize?

quiz answers week 20

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. Who is the current FA President?
    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  2. What miraculous food was given to the Israelites wandering in the wilderness?
  3. Whose daughters were Goneril, Regan & Cordelia?
    King Lear
  4. What is a motte?
    A mound a castle sits on
  5. What musical does the football anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ come from?
  6. What name is given to young pilchards?
  7. What 90s grunge band featured Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl?
  8. What area of work was Jacob Epstein famous in?
  9. What country has more bikes than any other?
    Netherlands – at 1.3 bikes per person
  10. What astrological sign comes after Cancer and before Virgo?
  11. In geometry, what is a reflex angle?
    One that is more than 180 degrees but less than 360
  12. Who sang the punk cult classic ‘White Man In Hammersmith Palais’?
    The Clash
  13. What is the notorious tidal current in the Lofoten Islands off northern Norway called?
    The Maelstrom
  14. What is the disorder Sydenham’s chorea often called?
    St Vitus’s Dance
  15. If you were in Amman, what country’s capital would you be in?
  16. In what film does Jack Nicholson announce his arrival with the declaration, ‘Here’s Johnny!’?
    The Shining
  17. What opera was legally limited by its composer to be performed with all black actors?
    Porgy and Bess
  18. What European country was ruled by King Zog until 1946?
  19. What Victorian literary scoundrel did George Macdonald Fraser make an anti-hero?
  20. Ultravox’s 1981 classic ‘Vienna’ was kept from the number one spot by what song?
    ‘Shaddap You Face’ by Joe Dolce
  21. What US president’s previous jobs included that of a male model?
    Gerald Ford
  22. In pottery terminology, what is a banker?
    A workbench
  23. What was the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse?
  24. What type of sherry is oloroso?
    Dark & sweet