Elderflower Hub makes a return!

Elderflower Hub makes a return!

It has been wonderful to welcome back our Elderflower Hub, who started back in June this year and our groups are currently meeting on alternate weeks in two groups until we can unite back together as one.

We have been busy exercising , playing bingo with a difference and this week we had a go at floristry making some flower baskets. Next week we are reintroducing a light brunch and will be munching away on bacon rolls, we have missed having a natter over a cuppa!

We are also looking forward to a performance by Andy Otley at the end of July and will soon be welcoming back Alex Bass with his specialist nature sideshows .

We cannot currently accommodate any new members due to space however we will let you know as soon as this changes .

ActivLives meets Active Lives!

ActivLives meets Active Lives!

ActivLives Step by Step Better Balance falls prevention sessions have re-opened at many of our venues and it is great to see people back in person participating in their activity session and improving their co-ordination, strength and balance, whilst enjoying each other’s company.

We are aware that not everyone is able to attend sessions for a variety of reasons and many people have unfortunately experienced reduced fitness over the past year due to the effects of lockdown.  Earlier in the year we linked in with the University of Southampton to discuss a digital tool they have devised to help people exercise at home, which is also called Active Lives.

The Active Lives website was designed by the University of Southampton to help people aged 65 and over improve strength and balance and get more active. Its free, easy to use and evidence-based. There are so many great benefits of increasing activity, it helps protect your brain, so you stay sharp, keeps your body moving easily and over time can reduce pain and tiredness. Active Lives was designed by people aged 65+ who know what it’s like to face challenges with staying active.

To try Active Lives for yourself click here:


Here’s what people said about the University of Southampton’s Active Lives website:

 “it’s very clear and easy to use. It’s very helpful.” A, 80

 “Well, it keeps you going. It pushes you in the right direction. I am not at all athletic, not even athletic minded, but it pushed me to actually start doing things.” J, 74

Please register and have a look at the website and their exercise at home programme. Even though you may be more active now that restrictions have eased, it’s good to do some exercise every day to keep active and maintain mobility, strength and balance and it’s good for your mental health as well.

If you are interested in attending a Step by Step Better Balance session then please contact Clare on 01473 345350.  We have sessions running around Ipswich, Walton/ Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston.

Help us raise £500 through the Asda Green Token scheme

Help us raise £500 through the Asda Green Token scheme

We’re very happy to reveal that we’ve been chosen for Green Token Giving scheme at Asda Stoke Park. This amazing opportunity could be vital in helping us to continue our outreach and community work over the next few months. Voting is online and you can choose to give your green token to ActivLives, by doing so, your help could mean we receive £500 from the Asda Foundation.

ActivLives work includes running sports sessions, hosting singing clubs, Better Balance sessions and our ActivGardens which includes the People’s Community Garden and the Chantry Walled Garden. It’s a huge breadth of activities that aims to help isolated and lonely people who otherwise would struggle to engage with their community. You can see a flavour of our work in the community in our image above, it shows just a tiny amount of what we do and how we try and keep the community active and engaged.

You might be wondering how to vote for us online, well it’s super easy! Just head to asda.com/green-tokens type in Stoke Park into the box which says ‘select your local Asda store’ and then vote for ActivLives/ActivGardens.

The Green Token scheme is open right now and runs until Saturday 31 July so make sure to vote and then tell all of your family and friends to vote too. Everyone at ActivLives would like to thank you for your kind support and your vote to help get us to that £500 donation!

Get voting now and don’t forget we’re listed as ActivLives/ActivGardens: asda.com/green-tokens

All zoomed out.

All zoomed out.

Last week our Step by Step Better Balance Zoom sessions came to an end, ActivLives have delivered around 70 zoom exercise sessions since the beginning of this year and these have been regularly attended by our members on a weekly basis. Our instructors Del and Jo have done a fabulous job delivering the sessions and it has been great to be able to offer our members the opportunity to maintain their strength and balance through our live zoom sessions as well as keep a social connection with each other.  This week we are all very pleased to be returning back to seeing each other in person following the re-opening of some of our sessions from Monday 17th May. So it’s farewell to zoom and great to be back all together in the room, our sessions continue to follow Covid-19 safety measures to ensure everyone can safely join in at this current time.

For more information on where and when our classes are restarting, please see our timetable.

If you are interested in attending our Step by Step Better Balance sessions then please contact Clare on 01473 345350 or email clare@activlives.org.uk

A few photos of Del leading our final zoom sessions and Jo restarting in person sessions:

Cash 4 Charities… we need your help!

Cash 4 Charities… we need your help!

The East Anglian Daily Times and the Ipswich Star have set up a brand-new initiative called Cash 4 Charities. It’s a campaign created to support local charities that have been hit by the pandemic and ActivLives has signed up. There’s a chance for us to receive a share of £20,000 but we need your help!

Everyday from now until Saturday 3 July the newspaper will print a token and all you need to do is to cut it out and save it for when you next attend an ActivLives session and give it to whoever is running your class or session. If you have collected some tokens but aren’t attending any sessions then you can post them to the ActivLives offices.

Our address is:

Brightspace, 160 Hadleigh Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 0HH

The £20,000 donation money will be distributed amongst all the charities that have signed up to the scheme but the more tokens that we are able to collect means that we will receive a bigger share of the £20,000.

It’s a great way for you to support ActivLives over the next few months and to help us to continue delivering sports sessions, outreach work and gardening activities, so we’d like to say a huge thank you if you are able to collect the Cash 4 Charities tokens for us.

You can read more about the scheme on the East Anglian Daily Times website:


Step By Step Falls Prevention

Step By Step Falls Prevention

We have continued with our Better Balance exercise sessions over Zoom and these run on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning with our instructors Del and Jo.  Although we are all missing meeting at our face to face sessions we are grateful for Zoom as an alternative at this time.  It allows our members to continue with their falls prevention exercise, improving their strength, balance and coordination whilst keeping in touch with each other.  We have also started a Zoom social catch up on a Tuesday and Thursday morning straight after the exercise has finished and this gives the opportunity for a chat and a cuppa together to help keep us even more connected.

  • Almost as good as the real thing.  Apart from exercising muscles I obviously don’t use enough, I feel I am benefiting from the classes especially as my balance is improving. Also it gives you a discipline to do the beneficial exercises and the social interaction is good in spite of me being the only bloke.
  • I am a young lady aged 80 finding it extremely easy to access the Zoom sessions.  It is actually enhancing my lifestyle not to having to go out in this presently unpleasant weather and I feel great after my sessions.  In my favour is our small class as Del can keep an eye on us (even so it be great if more people would embrace modern Technology). Del is doing an excellent job and I cannot see how things could improve under the circumstances at present.
  • The class is great.  Jo gives us different exercises each time, so we get a variety of workouts. I am tired by the end of the class, but my whole body is so much better than when I started.  As well as the physical benefits I feel so much better and my wellbeing is boosted.
  • The exercises are wonderful, Jo does a good job and there is quite a variety of moves from week to week.  In this strange world, the zoom class is the only structured exercise we are taking at the moment.  Makes us feel good even though I fancy a rest in the middle and there isn’t one. 

We continue to offer 1:1 walks for those members that otherwise would not be getting out for some fresh air.  As well as helping to keep fit and active this also helps with their confidence in outdoor mobility.   To some of our members that are not on the internet we are continuing with our regular welfare telephone calls and enjoying keeping in touch by good old fashioned phone!

If you are interested in joining one of our Zoom sessions or feel you would benefit from a supported walk then do get in touch with either Del or Clare on 01473 345350 and we’d be happy to help.