ActivLives Step by Step Better Balance falls prevention sessions have re-opened at many of our venues and it is great to see people back in person participating in their activity session and improving their co-ordination, strength and balance, whilst enjoying each other’s company.

We are aware that not everyone is able to attend sessions for a variety of reasons and many people have unfortunately experienced reduced fitness over the past year due to the effects of lockdown.  Earlier in the year we linked in with the University of Southampton to discuss a digital tool they have devised to help people exercise at home, which is also called Active Lives.

The Active Lives website was designed by the University of Southampton to help people aged 65 and over improve strength and balance and get more active. Its free, easy to use and evidence-based. There are so many great benefits of increasing activity, it helps protect your brain, so you stay sharp, keeps your body moving easily and over time can reduce pain and tiredness. Active Lives was designed by people aged 65+ who know what it’s like to face challenges with staying active.

To try Active Lives for yourself click here:

Here’s what people said about the University of Southampton’s Active Lives website:

 “it’s very clear and easy to use. It’s very helpful.” A, 80

 “Well, it keeps you going. It pushes you in the right direction. I am not at all athletic, not even athletic minded, but it pushed me to actually start doing things.” J, 74

Please register and have a look at the website and their exercise at home programme. Even though you may be more active now that restrictions have eased, it’s good to do some exercise every day to keep active and maintain mobility, strength and balance and it’s good for your mental health as well.

If you are interested in attending a Step by Step Better Balance session then please contact Clare on 01473 345350.  We have sessions running around Ipswich, Walton/ Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Leiston.