The amount of fluid that we need to drink depends on several things, including our body size, temperature and activity. So if you are exercising in hot weather you will need to drink more.

How much and what should we drink?

  • 8 x 200 ml glasses for women
  • 10 x 200 ml glasses for men
  • Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks
  • Try hot water with a slice of orange or lemon
  • Have a glass of water to go with your tea or coffee
  • Carry a small bottle of water with you in your bag
  • Eat fruit and salads

Signs of dehydration

  • Dark urine
  • It should not smell
  • Headaches, dizziness or light headiness
  • Lack of energy.


Dehydration can affect our ability to do our everyday tasks. If we become less alert or lose our concentration we increase our risk of falling.

A plus for those of us who live in Suffolk is that our water contains a significant amount of calcium which is good for our bone density and this can help to prevent osteoporosis and fractures.