The ‘Keep on Moving’ project is funded by Suffolk County Council and the Public Mental Health Fund – Physical Activity Project, to enable ActivLives to deliver two new seated exercise sessions in Felixstowe and Saxmundham. The sessions are for anyone 55 years and over, particularly those people who may have problems with mobility, strength, co-ordination, or have a long-term health condition and would like  to be more active and also have the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

The Felixstowe session starts on Wednesday 22 February at the Old Felixstowe Community Centre, Ferry Road, Felixstowe, IP11 9NB at 10.30am – 12 noon with two FREE Taster Sessions to introduce people to the seated exercise and ActivLives, followed by refreshments and time to chat. The Saxmundham session will follow shortly.

Physical activity is as important to older people, as it is to the younger population. It’s vital to maintain a certain level of fitness as people progress in age. However, as people get older, they may not find it as easy to exercise as they did in the past. Seated exercise is a great way to keep moving, when people have limited mobility or health conditions that affect them physically and become a barrier in joining a local group that might actually help in many ways.

Julie Stokes CEO said, “Seated exercise is also great for helping with posture and keeping muscles strong. As we get older we may spend much more time sitting and not moving around as much, which can affect posture and if we don’t keep moving, muscles can become weak, which can result in falls.”

There are lots of benefits to doing seated exercise, it can help with posture, maintain muscle and keep you flexible and mobile. Leg, knee and arm exercises are particularly good to help strengthen the joints, and they also help relieve arthritis pain, swelling and stiffness. Any exercise is better than none and will help lower the risk of some health conditions like stroke, heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes, improve breathing, will lift mood and being with other people will help reduce loneliness & social isolation.

ActivLives activities are fun and enjoyable, as well as being beneficial, participants can even sing along to seated dance routines.

If you are interested in coming to join us at the Felixstowe or Saxmundham session, please call ActivLives on 01473 345350 if you would like more information.