We have continued with our Better Balance exercise sessions over Zoom and these run on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning with our instructors Del and Jo.  Although we are all missing meeting at our face to face sessions we are grateful for Zoom as an alternative at this time.  It allows our members to continue with their falls prevention exercise, improving their strength, balance and coordination whilst keeping in touch with each other.  We have also started a Zoom social catch up on a Tuesday and Thursday morning straight after the exercise has finished and this gives the opportunity for a chat and a cuppa together to help keep us even more connected.

  • Almost as good as the real thing.  Apart from exercising muscles I obviously don’t use enough, I feel I am benefiting from the classes especially as my balance is improving. Also it gives you a discipline to do the beneficial exercises and the social interaction is good in spite of me being the only bloke.
  • I am a young lady aged 80 finding it extremely easy to access the Zoom sessions.  It is actually enhancing my lifestyle not to having to go out in this presently unpleasant weather and I feel great after my sessions.  In my favour is our small class as Del can keep an eye on us (even so it be great if more people would embrace modern Technology). Del is doing an excellent job and I cannot see how things could improve under the circumstances at present.
  • The class is great.  Jo gives us different exercises each time, so we get a variety of workouts. I am tired by the end of the class, but my whole body is so much better than when I started.  As well as the physical benefits I feel so much better and my wellbeing is boosted.
  • The exercises are wonderful, Jo does a good job and there is quite a variety of moves from week to week.  In this strange world, the zoom class is the only structured exercise we are taking at the moment.  Makes us feel good even though I fancy a rest in the middle and there isn’t one. 

We continue to offer 1:1 walks for those members that otherwise would not be getting out for some fresh air.  As well as helping to keep fit and active this also helps with their confidence in outdoor mobility.   To some of our members that are not on the internet we are continuing with our regular welfare telephone calls and enjoying keeping in touch by good old fashioned phone!

If you are interested in joining one of our Zoom sessions or feel you would benefit from a supported walk then do get in touch with either Del or Clare on 01473 345350 and we’d be happy to help.