Recently we celebrated National Boccia Day with a tournament at Whitton Sports Centre, it was a great day with groups from across Suffolk coming together to play.

There were over 30 competitors in the tournament and some fierce competition took place, we were thrilled to be visited by BBC Radio Suffolk to interview a few of the players too! Special thanks goes to the volunteers who reffed the games and marked out the courts. It was generally agreed a great time was enjoyed by everyone. Take a look below for a few photos from the day’s brilliant Boccia action.

To take a listen of the BBC Radio Suffolk interview then simply click this link here:

The first part of the interview can be heard from 40 minutes in and then listen in from 2 hours 7 minutes to hear interviews with the players and also discover how the reporter got on when she gave boccia a go.

We host a regular boccia session on Thursdays between 10:30am-12:30pm to find out more and get involved contact Mike on or call the office on 01473 345350.


A photo of the boccia courts at the tournament, there are red and blue balls over each of the courts as the games are in progress. You can also see the referees of each game as they mark the scores and ref each game.
A wide shot of 3 boccia courts all in action during the tournament. Red and Blue balls are being thrown across all of the courts as the games take place.
The bronze medal winners pose for a photo, they all stand and smile for a photo with thier medals around their necks.
4 people sit in chairs and watch as a game of boccia plays out in front of them, there are red and blue balls sitting on the court as a game is in progress. 2 referees can be seen on the court as the game continues.