The Great East Run

The Great East Run

What is the Great East Run?

The Great East Run is a mass participation half marathon. Participants will run a 13.1mile course in and around the Ipswich area.  Suffolk County Council, in partnership with Suffolk Sport, is funding an outreach programmes to support 50 participants living in Suffolk to take part in the Great East Run on 16th September 2018.


What is the outreach programme?

The outreach programme is targeted at physically inactive adults (doing less than             30 minute’s moderate to vigorous physical activity per week).  It challenges those taking part to undertake regular weekly training to prepare for and take part in a half marathon.  In doing so it aims to create long term behaviour change and support individuals to become more active for life.


Who’s the programme for?

To be considered for the programme participants will need to:

  • be aged 18 or over at the start of the programme
  • live in Suffolk
  • be inactive at the start of the programme (doing less than 30 minutes moderate to vigorous physical activity per week)
  • commit to attending regular, weekly training sessions for 4 months in Ipswich between May and September 2018
  • in addition to the weekly training sessions commit to at least one further training session per week
  • be available on 16th September 2018 to participate in the Great East run in Ipswich
  • contribute £30.00 towards the £300.00 cost per participant.

What will participants get?

  • Entry to the Great East Run
  • Entry to the Ipswich Twilight 10k
  • Weekly training sessions, for 4 months, with two qualified coaches supported by double Olympic long distance runner Paul Evans
  • Exclusive discounts on running gear and gait analysis at Coes, Ipswich


How to get involved

Register using the following link:


Further information

Contact the programme coordinator, Carol Lukins by email: or phone: 07955 735514.


This programme is delivered in partnership by Sport England, Suffolk Sport, Suffolk County Council and Coes, Ipswich

Helping Suffolk to become England’s most active county

Festival Growers!

Festival Growers!

FolkEast is a festival that brings together thousands of folk lovers to enjoy a weekend of live music, local beer and general folkiness all in the beautiful grounds of Glemham Hall.
Along with the entertainment, there’s also stalls and displays – the stalls are mostly local companies who specialise in hand crafted items – there was a stall who crafts statues out of tree stumps using a chainsaw, and one who makes their own cotton free tshirts. As I said – it’s definitely folky.

FolkEast approached us and asked if we could supply them with some flowers for a municipal roundabout that they’d made – so on the day before the festival started, Susannah and her team went down to the garden and picked up a van load of flowers then headed to the festival.

Once they got there they laid out the flowers in a circle around two giant plastic heads – these were the central attraction of the roundabout – the Easter Island heads. Along with a large plastic palm tree in the middle.

The roundabout was in prime real-estate, right by the archway to the infamous GetOnThe Soapbox Stage – so it got plenty of attention.

Photos taken by our very own Sam, who was playing on the Soapbox Stage with his band; Elephant in the Room.