‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. Who is the wizard in The Lord Of The Rings?
  2. In professional boxing, what would a fighter weighing 140-147 lbs be called?
  3. What actor, destined for stardom, played the corpse in the 1983 film ‘The Big Chill’?
    Kevin Costner
  4. Roughly what speed would you be travelling at if you were in a boat doing 20 knots?
  5. Who investigated the murdering headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow?
    Ichabod Crane
  6. What TV show features the Cafe Nervosa?
  7. What Joe Jackson song has the line ‘Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street’?
    ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’
  8. How did Moses see God at Horen, when he told him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt?
    As a burning bush
  9. What plant does gin take its flavour from?
  10. Which Catherine outlived Henry VIII?
    Catherine Parr
  11. What is the second most spoken language in the world?
    Spanish – Mandarin is first, English is third
  12. What UK actor won a Tony award in 1998 for his Broadway portrayal of the MC in Cabaret?
    Alan Cumming
  13. Aside from being the husband of Marilyn Monroe, what else was Joe DiMaggio famous as?
    A baseball player
  14. When was the United Nations founded?
  15. Where was the 2006 World Cup staged?
  16. What Kurt Weill opera, with the song ‘Mac The Knife’, was shut by the Nazis soon after opening?
    The Threepenny Opera
  17. What is the tune to Danny Boy known as?
    The Derry Air
  18. What Shakespeare play was the insipration for the film ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’?
    The Taming Of The Shrew
  19. If you wrote the number 600 in Roman numerals, what would you write?
  20. Who was Steed’s first sidekick in The Avengers?
    Cathy Gale
  21. What boundary region has been long fought over by Israel and Syria?
    The Golan Heights
  22. What Disney film featured the Bad ‘Uns, Jasper, and Horace?
    101 Dalmations
  23. Before going solo, what pop group did Bryan Ferry front?
    Roxy Music
  24. What is a cor anglais?
    A woodwind instrument