‘With A Cherry On Top’ Answers

1. Often referred to as ‘honey wine’, what do you get when you mix water and honey and ferment it with yeast?

2. Minestrone soup originates from which country?

3. Who wrote the book How to Be a Domestic Goddess?
Nigella Lawson

4. In 2009, which U.K. supermarket renamed pollock ‘Colin’ in a bid to boost sales of the fish as an alternative to cod, and launched the product under the banner ‘Colin and chips can save British cod’?

5. What animal is used in France to detect truffles?

6. Stella Artois was originally brewed in which country?

7. What fruit is Calvados distilled from?

8. What is the name of the traditional Irish potato and cabbage dish?

9. How many gallons are there in a firkin of beer?

10. What fruit is a cross between a grapefruit, tangerine and orange?
Ugli Fruit

11. What is the name given to the Scandinavian dish of raw pickled salmon with mustard and dill sauce?

12. What is the Chinese word for tea?

13. What name is given to a bundle of herbs usually tied together with string and mainly used to prepare soup, stock, and various stews?
Bouguet Garni

‘Off The Crossbar!’ Answers

Can you name the teams with the following nicknames?


  1. The Cherries – AFC Bournemouth
  2. The Eagles – Crystal Palace
  3. The Saints – Southampton
  4. The Robins – Bristol City
  5. The Terriers – Huddersfield Town
  6. The Black Cats – Sunderland
  7. The Cod Army – Fleetwood Town
  8. The Gas – Bristol Rovers
  9. The Glovers – Yeovil Town
  10. The Imps – Lincoln City
  11. The Posh – Peterborough Unitied
  12. The Railwaymen – Crew Alexandra
  13. The Spireites – Chesterfield
  14. The Tractor Boys – Ipswich Town
  15. The Hoops – Queens Park Rangers