‘Feline Lucky?’ Answers

  1. What deformity do blue eyed, white cats often suffer from?
  2. Socks was the name of the cat of which American President?
    Bill Clinton
  3. What is the most ‘common’ collective noun for a group of cats?
  4. Calico cats, which refers to a color pattern on the fur and not a breed, are mostly what?
    They are mostly female
  5. What is the name of the Flintstones’ pet saber-toothed cat?
    Baby Puss
  6. Name the cat owned by Rigsby in Rising Damp?
  7. Complete the following saying: ‘to grin like a …’?
    Cheshire Cat
  8. What name is given to domestic cats that were born in or have reverted to a wild state?
  9. What’s the total number of claws that most house cats have?
    18 – five in their front paws, and four in their back paws
  10. In ancient Egypt, what part of their bodies did people shave as a sign of mourning when their cats died?

    Bonus Question: How many cats does the CEO of ActivLives have – 1 – 2 or 4?
    The answers is 4 – Spike, Lily, Billy & BJ

‘Think you know it all?’ Answers

  1. Glaucoma affects what part of the body?
  2. On UK coins, which profile of the Queen is shown?
    Right – facing East
  3. In Dad’s Army who always asked permission to speak Mr Mainwaring?
    Corporal Jones
  4. Who did Jockey Wilson beat in the 1989 Embassy World Darts Championship final?
    Eric Bristow
  5. Which US swimmer was born on February 10 1950?
    Mark Spitz
  6. Which animal is said to never forget?
  7. Who had a hit in 1972 with ‘Long haired Lover from Liverpool’?
    Jimmy Osmond
  8. In what month of 1941 did the United States enter the Second World War?
  9. Something that is reconfirm is shaped like what part of the body?
  10. The highest peak in New Zealand is named after which British navigator?