‘Who’s up for a Game?’ Answers

  1. Which famous cigarette brand was once manufactured in Ipswich?
  2. What is the name of the TV comedy series starring Ronnie Barker that is set in a corner shop?
    The name of the TV comedy series is ‘Open All Hours’.
  3. When did decimal coinage replace £sd?
  4. How many sides did the old three-penny bit have?
  5. Once upon a time the name of Corona stood for something much more popular than it is ever going to again. What was it? (Not beer in this instance.)
  6. Which tea company first added collectable picture cards to its packs (in 1954)?
  7. Word search: How many sweets can you find in the text below?

1. Churchman’s cigarettes had a factory in Ipswich. Hence the name of one of the stands at Portman Road football ground.

2. The name of the TV comedy series is ‘Open All Hours’.

3. UK coinage went decimal in February 1971.

4. The pre-decimal three-penny bit or thruppence had 12 edges. We liked the number 12 back then. There were 12 pennies in a shilling and therefore 240 pennies in one pound sterling.

5. In the days when children loved nothing more than the sight of a Corona delivery lorry, it was the popular name of a fizzy pop drink.

6. Brooke Bond first put collectable picture cards in its packets of tea in the 1950s. You get the point if you said PG Tips.

7. Did you find all the hidden names of types of sweeties highlighted in blue?

    • It had been a lovely sunny weekend. Mum was opening a tin of fruit salad to go with the Wall’s ice-cream for tea when she caught sight of the cat creeping towards the (bright pink) shrimp-paste sandwiches. “Oi” she cried, flicking a tea towel at the offending moggy, which was all black. “Jack, come and get that animal out of here! And then take the tea and milk tray through to the sitting room please.” Jack, aged 12, was more interested in the cola bottle he was trying to open. He thought tea was for girls. “Go and call the others please,” mum said. Reluctantly, Jack put down his comic and stopped reading about flying saucers. Dad was outside showing off the new family car to Jack’s Aunty Betty. “It’s got everything that wagon” he was saying, “wheels have got special trims.” “Tea’s ready” Jack told them. Knowing his wife wouldn’t want to be kept waiting, Dad took his sister-in-law’s arm and began to usher Bet inside…”

      So that’s: Fruit Salad, Wall’s Ice Cream, Pink Shrimp, Black Jack, Cola Bottle, Flying Saucers, Wagon Wheels, Sherbet